Bem Paraná – Removal of graffiti Project promotes cleaning XVstCableway

Bem Paraná - Projeto Despiche promove limpeza do Bondinho da XV

An action Removal of graffiti Project, a partnership between the City and the Paraná Trade Association (ACP), with the support of Crystalcor Performance company, allowed cleaning in Cableway reading of Rua XV. The equipment had been vandalized and dawned with its exterior spray-painted on Friday (16). As at the time there was no invasion of interior space, the normal activities of the area were not affected.

Cleaning was performed in less than an hour and the ink used in the graffiti was completely removed.

Bondinho remains in the same place for 41 years. It is one of the points of reference city and tradition in tourism. Installed in the XV Street in October 1973, after the creation of the boardwalk to the Rua das Flores, the equipment was known as “Childrens place” since the proposal was to be a privileged place for the care of children while parents or guardians were shopping or other activities performed in the boardwalk area.