I need to remove paint and graffiti. What product can help me?

Preciso remover tintas e pichação. Qual produto pode me ajudar?

Just take a quick spin around town to bother with the numerous shapes and symbols drawn on walls, on top of the buildings within the bus or historic monuments everywhere. In Brazil, the graffiti is considered an environmental crime and vandalism and has become a social problem. Therefore, Crystalcor Performance brings to the market an innovative product that is a great ally in combating this problem: the remover of paint and graffiti. Ideal for fragile surfaces, the formula with the organic solvent is water-based and 100% green is designed to break down and remove the paint without damaging the surface molecules. With French technology also removes traces of paint on wood floors, grouts, stones and metals and does not stain like common solvents. The product is easy to apply. Before you begin, make a test on a sample of the site to be treated. In mineral and porous surfaces (concrete, stone, porous walls, etc.), water area with water before applying the product. Then apply on the graffiti you want to remove and let stand 2-20 minutes. Remove with a brush. To rinse, use a pressure washer. Already on smooth surfaces (glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, etc.) removing the graffiti is almost immediate and can also be made with the aid of a brush. Following just a role or common cloth to remove the paint from the surface.