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Nano technology solution of last generation for cleaning, treatment , protection and conservation of surfaces.

Over 90 % Biodegradable products that respect the environment and the treated surfaces without damaging them.

Products composed of organic molecules , water-based and ensure complete safety for applicators.

The Performance product line was awarded worldwide for its differential and appeal strongly ecological, it does not contain ammonia , caustic and corrosive acids in its composition, does not require neutralization after use.


The franchiser Performance does not charge royalties on the operation of franchised units , are on marketed products or the services performed.


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With 29 years of experience in the development of the professional cleaning market Abralimp (Professional Cleaning Market Brazilian Association ) is responsible for the development of this sector in Brazil , and adaptation to modern concepts of technology and value-added services in the world , in order to provide public and private environments with clean health security and well-being!

About Professional Cleaning Market

Sales industry

It is estimated that the professional cleaning segment moves annually between R $ 17 and R $ 18 billion.

Professional cleaning market reality

  • Great growth potential (schools , clubs, universities , condominiums , associations , trade, industries , etc.);
  • Labor with constant need for capacity building and training.

Challenges to 2016

  • Pent-up demand;
  • Investments in capacity building and training.

Opportunities to 2016

  • Expansion of the Franchise sector;
  • Growth in the service sector : Brazil rises to 4th place in the ranking that listed the 55 best destinations in the world to invest in services (A.T.Kearney Consulting) ;
  • Less competition for labor with the construction (building closed 510 000 jobs in 2015);
  • Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Who will stand out?

  • Who offer the best product / service at the best price;
  • Who train more and retain skilled labor;
  • Who invest in innovation to improve processes and products;
  • Who listen and understand the needs of customers;
  • Who give quick responses to problems.

How the market can help?

    • Joining towards the enhancement of professional cleaning;
    • Taking the customer focus on price to income;
    • Seeking underexplored markets and educating them about the benefits of professional cleaning.

Knowledge makes all the difference

A mature market is a market well informed. We need to add knowledge to the client , convincing clean queambientes are healthier , help in motivating employees, reduce building maintenance costs and guarantee satisfaction of end customers.

Strength training

The well- trained staff are more engaged , so the training reduces machine maintenance costs and equipment used in the cleaning process , involving not only technical , but especially attitudes at work. The motivation tools help reduce turnover and fear of job loss increases adhesion employees.

Bet on innovation and sustainability

We need to rethink the cleaning process when necessary and improve through training teams . For products and equipment suppliers , which are gaining more and more space , it is important to find solutions that save water and energy.

Source : Abralimp – February 2016


Full support from the choice of the point to the day – to-day franchised unit!

The Performance invests in their development by offering:
• Initial training and refresher
• Training on products, services and processes
• Management software
• Support in brand awareness
• Channel exclusive service to franchisees
• implementation manuals , operation and management
• Performance monitoring and network solutions to maximize the results of the units.