Bio Concrete Remover

Is a concentrated plant based organic cleaner specifically developed to remove concrete residue from the surface of vehicles, equipment, tools, floors, walls, glass and other surfaces without the use of harsh etching acids. It is not so aggressive as  similar products which contains muriatic acid, phosphoric or sulfuric acid. Avoid grinding abrasive concrete particles into fine finishes while using the product. BIO CONCRETE REMOVER is used on a commercial scale to clean concrete residue from concrete mixers, cement trucks, silos, molds, tools other related machinery.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Shake well before using. Always make a test in a small area.

1) Apply product evenly and gently over surface to be treated with a low pressure sprayer, bottle sprayer, roller or brush.

2) Allow BIO ECO CEMENT REMOVER to soak into the residue to be removed for 10 to 20 minutes. Never let BIO ECO CEMENT REMOVER dry, use appropriate brushes and scraping tools that will not damage surface being treated.

3) Soaking time depends on the concrete thickness being removed and the temperature during usage.

4) After soaking, gently rub the surface you are treating with a soft bristle brush to speed up the descaling process. If necessary repeat the process.

5) Wash all treated surfaces with high pressure clean water.

6) If necessary repeat the process. Avoid letting the product dry before of the rinse.


Yield per liter: 10 m².

Average values given for information only. The actual consumption of the product depends on the porosity and the surface level of impregnation.