Bio Easy Clean for Strong Dirtiness

Bio Easy Clean for Strong Dirtiness

A powerful stripper with organic acid, without needing neutralization after rinsing. Product designed for the cleaning after work and general use. It is not as aggressive as similar products which contains muriatic acid, phosphoric or sulfuric acid. It does not damage surfaces, even the most fragile, such as metal, glass, rubber and enameled paint. Preserves mineral surfaces without damaging.


It can be applied to concrete, lozenges, porous stones and granites, rustic porcelain, mineral surfaces very porous bricks, tiles, etc.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Shake well before using. Always make a test in a small area.

1) Apply the product evenly with low pressure sprayermanual, roll or dump directly on the surface.

2) Let the product act up to 3 minutes.

3) After softening the dirt, if necessary, brush withhelp of a bristle broomrigid or brush.

4) Then rinse the surfacewith water jet.

5) If necessary repeat the process. Avoid letting the product dry before of the rinse.

6) The treated surfaces don’t need neutralization.

7) Clean the tools immediately after application. Store the product in a dry location (between 41º and 104º F).


Yield per liter: 10m²

Average values given for information only. The actual consumption of the product depends on the porosity of the surface and the dirt impregnation level.