Eco Graffiti Remover

Our ECO molecules penetrate to gently break down a wide variety of paints, inks, glues and other forms of adhesives without harsh acids. ECO GRAFFITI is a revolutionary ECO process that removes paint, ink and adhesives without the harsh chemicals of the past. It’s ecological chemicals composition are way less harmful and toxic for humans and the environment. ECO GRAFFITI is a water based remover that works by utilizing advanced nanotechnology penetrating paint, ink or adhesive without damaging unpainted surfaces. Can also be used to removed resins, waterproofing agents, bubble gum, and tar.


Use on surfaces such as: Concrete, stone, wood, metals, floors, ceramics, glass, textile and unpainted surfaces. For your safety: Wear gloves during usage in case of sensitivity. Use in a well ventilated area.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Shake well before using. Always make a test in a small área.

1) Apply ECO GRAFFITI. With a brush or roller to the area needing removal and let it soak for 5 to 20 minutes. Never let it dry.

2) To speed up the process, use a circular motion with a hard brush.

3) A high pressure clean water rinse may help speed the process of removal depending on the substance being removed.



A absorvent cloth will speed the removal process on metals, plastics, and glazed ceramics. Removal of graffiti is immediate and can be assisted with a brush if necessary. Avoid abrasive tools on polished surfaces. Reapply and repeat if first application does not remove everything. *The final results may be different because of many types of inks, the thick of the graffiti, the porosity and how long it was exposed to the UV ray.


Yield per liter to 10m² varying with the exposure time and the porosity of the surface.

Applications:stones, woods, metals, concrete, floors, grouting, monuments, platesceramics, glasses, plastics, Formica, furniture, unpainted walls.