Go Nano Sealant

Is the ultimate sealant for roof tiles, bricks, ceramics, walls, natural stone, concrete, slate and other similar porous surfaces. It is 95% biodegradable and truly ecological. It doesn’t contain polluting agents such as silicone, resins or solvents. PRECAUTIONS DURING PRODUCT APPLICATION: Do not use harsh chemicals such as muriatic acid or chlorine during pre-cleaning. Protect treated area from rain and water 24 hours after application. GO NANO SEALANT must dry completely to create the maximum barrier. GO NANO SEALANT delays the aging of the treated surface and creates a barrier that makes cleaning easier. Our nano-technology creates a microscopic barrier that seals all levels of porosity of the materials. Works with painted porous surfaces.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Shake well before using. Always make a test in a small área.

1) Clean the surface to be treated with the descale product BIO EASY CLEAN from Nano4You. Allow surface to dry.

2) After the surface dries, apply GO NANO SEALANT until it saturates the surface and stops absorption. FOR VERY POROUS SURFACES: Once saturated wait 5 to10 minutes and apply again to make sure surface is not absorbing more product.

3) The surface will be protected after the product dries in approximately 2 hours. Allow surface to cure for 3-5 days for maximum effectivity.

4) After 2 hours you can make a quick test with water to check if it is not absorving and no area is missing.



Avoid corrosive substances like muriatic acid or chlorine during pre-cleaning.

The protection can last up 2 years if the cleaning and manutainance is done with proper products. Corrosive alkaline acids will damage the protection and the surface.

Protects from rain and liquids 24 hours after application.


Yield per litre: Up to 10m².

Yield per liter: up to 10 m²