Limpa Fácil – Efflorescence

Limpa Fácil - Efflorescence

Limpa Fácil Efflorescence is a strong etchant, without neutralization after cleaning.

Limpa Fácil Efflorescence radically eliminates lime deposits and traces of efflorescence are much less dangerous than other acid based products on the market such as citric acid and phosphoric acid. It was created to meet the different requirements of the investors in terms of application of safety, efficacy, impact on the environment and respect for the treated surfaces. The product is not classified as corrosive or irritant, which limit the risk of danger in using it.

Applications: removes efflorescence, usually white, formed by the action of time on surfaces such as concrete, mortar, bricks, stones and other porous materials, changing the aesthetic finishes and surfaces.

Ideal for the treatment of: concrete, natural stone, tiles, roof tiles, etc.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Let the product act for 5 to 10 minutes (the time of action varies according to the type of waste and the thickness of the deposited material to be removed).

If there are overlaps calcination and efflorescence, repeat the process until the complete removal of the condition.


Yield per liter: 10m².

They are average values given for guidance.

The actual consumption of the product depends on the porosity and the surface level of impregnation.