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BIO EASY CLEAN is a strong etchant, but without neutralization after cleaning.

BIO EASY CLEAN removeseasily cement waste, limestone, and waste of build. Is much less dangerous than other products on the market based on acids like citric and phosphoric acid. It was created to meet the different requirements of the investors in terms of application of safety, efficacy, impact on the environment and respect for the treated surfaces. It is not classified as corrosive or irritant, which limit the risk of danger in using it.

Applications: removes mortar remnants, cement, soil porous and grimy floors. Remove plaster dust and other light dirt from day to day in porous floors.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Do not apply on rainy days and if the temperature is below 5 ° C or above 30 ° C. Rinse entire surface with high-pressure cleaner (Wap). After softening the dirt, if necessary, brush with the help of a broom with stiff bristles. Then rinse the surface with water jet.

Avoid letting the product dry before rinsing. The treated surfaces have no need for neutralization. Clean the material used with water after application. Store in a dry place (between 5 and 30 degrees C).


Yield per liter: 10m²

Average values given for information only. The actual consumption of the product depends on the porosity and the surface level of impregnation.