Limpe Certo 100% – Neutral Detergent

Limpe Certo 100% - Neutral Detergent

Biodegradable cleaning without the need for neutralization.


Limpe Certo 100% is a neutral detergent created for daily cleaning and maintenance of all mineral surfaces, plants, plastic, textiles, acrylic, metal, etc.

Limpe Certo 100% is fully suitable for granite, polished marble and delicate surfaces; innovative and certified with the seal FoodFree for use in food preparation areas;

Allows the removal of stains and dirt without affecting the material and no restrictions on treatment and / or protections;

Limpe Certo 100% is an environmentally cleaner, biodegradable and suitable for use on surfaces that require constant maintenance;

Product is free of acid, caustic soda and potassium, is neither toxic nor dangerous to health.


It can be used in cleaning natural and synthetic stone, tile, marble, granite, porcelain, cement, painted surfaces, metals in general, chromium, wood, vinyl, acrylic, PVC, canvas, fabrics, plastics, walls, facades, floors, balconies, pool areas, barbecue grills, and coatings in general.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


  • 1:20 – Speckles not impregnated, glass, laminated and slightly porous surfaces.

  • 1:10 -Sujeiras tougher, metals, plastics in general, wood, vinyl carpeting and greasy kitchen (tile and floor).

  • 1: 1 – impregnated Dirt, stains, very greasy areas.

  • Average incomes provided indicated.