Nano Water Sealant

Protección contra el clima y la humedad.

NT70 Glass Nano Cleaner

Is a unique product with neutral pH and a combination of different molecules that keeps the surface clean, polished and protected without silicone and oil-free.

The product builds a invisible layer which leaves an effect ‘easy to clean’.

After applying NT70 Glass Nano Cleaner The surface is cleaned and polished, ready to repel dust, avoid impregnation of dirt, fats, fingerprints, soot, and moisture. It is designed to reduce cleaning costs at home and offices.


Indoors and outdoors, floors, facades, walls, bridges and viaducts.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Shake well before using. Always make a test in a small área.

1) Apply a small amount on the dry surface to be treated with a spray or use cloth to apply it.

2) Spread with a white or soft sponge to form a light and opaque layer.

3) Let the product dry up to 2 minutes and then remove with a dry cotton cloth and clean without leaving any excess.

4) If necessary, repeat the process

After application of NT70 Glass Nano Cleaner the surface will be easy and simple to keep clean.


Yield per liter: up to 10m².
Average figures given as an indication.
The consumption of the product depends on the porosity of the surface.