NT70 - Chrome and Metals

Waterproofing, multipolidor and protector for metals and chrome. Ideal for cleaning, shine and protection without abrasives.

NT 70 is a product that offers immediate and risk-free polishing.

NT 70 is an effective product that prevents dirt and stains impregnation, reducing by 70% the need for further cleaning. Is absorbed deep in the micropores of the material by eliminating the negative effects as acid stains, impregnation urban dirt, pollution and dust.

NT70 creates a protective layer resistant to moisture and grease, easy cleaning and maintenance. Its ecological and biodegradable product does not alter the appearance or nature of the material treated.

NT 70 resists perfectly to UV rays, not allowing the surfaces to fade or become yellowish with the passage of time.


Cars, motorcycles and boats. precious metals, stainless steel, chrome, wheels, etc.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Apply a small amount onto the surface to be treated.

The surface will be distinctly smooth and polished touch, significantly reducing friction, preventing the attachment of dirt.


High-yield product: up to 80m² per liter.

Average values given for information only.

The consumption of the product depends on the correct application methodology