Protect Ultra – Protection Grafitti, Soot, Pollution, Water And Oil

Protect Ultra

Protection Grafitti, Soot, Pollution, Water And Oil

Protects Ultra is a product for sealing of oil and repellent for porous surfaces.

The preventive treatment protects and prevents the penetration of ink and paint pigments in porous materials, facilitating removal and cleaning.

Protects Ultra is a product with aqueous base, solvent base oil and silicone. Does not alter the texture or color of the materials.

Easy Clean – treatment allows maintaining the new appearance much longer, slowing aging of the materials;

Once applied, the surface tension of the product inhibits infiltration of small cracks; it has low environmental impact during their life cycle, maintaining and preserving their characteristics and qualities.

POROUS stones as natural stones, limestone, reconstructed, tiles, cement, plaster and roofing


In internal and external environments

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Before application always efetivarealizar a test on the sample surface to be treated;

Drying over 1 hour, drying protected in 24 hours. Maximum efficiency of the product after 3 days;

Cleaning tools with clean water immediately after use.


Yield per liter: 10 m²

Average values given for information only.

The consumption of the product depends on the porosity of the surface.