Protects MG – Marble & Graniteprotection

Protects MG - Marble & Graniteprotection

Protege MG is a new generation product, recommended for protection of porous smooth mineral surfaces.

It is a waterproofing agentagainst the penetration of water and moisture, oils and weak acids such as fruit juices, wine and spices. It also protects against fats, preventing the emergence of spots. Prevents the penetration of ink and paint pigments in the porous material, facilitating removal and cleaning.

Fast and easy to use; economic and high performance; it can be applied in indoor and outdoor environments;

The treated materials remains permeable to air and water vapor;

Slows the aging of surfaces, easy maintenance;

Easy Clean- The dirt does not penetrate the surfaces of the treated materials, keeping them longer cleaned. A simple jet of water or rain remove the surface dirt layer;

UV resistant;

Not yellowed;

No film-forming;

Once applied, the surface tension of the product inhibits infiltration of small cracks;


Porous ceramics, polished concrete, ceramic inserts, little porous marble and granite, little porous mineral surfaces and polished porcelain tiles.

Available product packaging:

1l 5l 20l


How to use

Use the product in its pure state (without additives or solvents);

The product should be applied until the surface is completely wet;

The surface will be dry in 1 hour and after 24 hours protected. Maximum efficiency achieved after 48 hours.

Cleaning of application tools with LIMPE CERTO Performance products.


Yield per liter: 20 m²

Average values given for information only.

The consumption of the product depends on the porosity of the surface