Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Maintaining good relationships with partners, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community is a daily commitment for our company. Conduct Business Fair Play guides all our actions, defining some key aspects for an ethical, fair and transparent performance.

In the relationship with suppliers, the organization seeks partners to practice a fair price, properly pay taxes, provide quality products, guarantee decent working conditions and do not use substances that harm the environment or harm to health. Performance Econano respects its customers and aims to offer them innovative products and services, quality, with the best cost-benefit of the market and that are environmentally friendly.

The appreciation of our employees is also part of business conduct assumed by the organization. Offer benefits beyond those determined by law, ergonomically correct work environment, attractive career path and growth opportunities for all employees.

We are open to initiatives and projects that demonstrate and believe in a better world. And improve is to evolve, grow. Transform the present to ensure the future!